Compound Fracture

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This is the third installment of the series. Compound Fracture tells the story of Grace, a cheerful and reserved girl, who was struggling to reach her home amid chaos in the society. Robert Hardwick had waited for too long for her daughter to return home.

When he was tired of waiting, her went in search of her instead. However, while he was waiting for his injured friend to recover, his daughter had already taken a chopper straight home.

In a twist of events, a greedy and corrupt congressman had taken the home under siege in a bid to claim everything within and around the property.

After receiving the news, Robert Hardwick decided to take a decision to save his daughter. That decision takes him to an almost impossible mission that puts his life in severe danger. It could spell the end for him or forever liberate her daughter and others who have been in his enemy’s captivity.

The author has done a great job by linking the characters to their specific roles effectively. The narrator also put in a lot of emotion to reflect exactly what’s portrayed in the book.

If you are not new to Franklin Horton’s books, you will know he doesn’t disappoint when it comes to fiction thriller. Just like his previous book, Masters of Mayhem. This one is filled with enough suspense and action throughout the book.

The book continues the sequence with focus on Sonia and Robert at Arthur’s compound. The story was aptly told and there seems no plot break from beginning right until the end. It’s the type of book you wouldn’t want to drop until you’ve come to the very last page. It’s really an engrossing and intriguing read.

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