A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court Audiobook

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A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court

The story is full of humor and fantasy. It seems a dream to the listener as well as everything is imaginary throughout. Time traveling is told not described in any relation to science and technology. The Yankee engineer comes back to the past without the use of any gadget made by the use of science.

Just a blow on the head does the trick. This description right from the start makes the whole thing a humorous play because we as readers are at every moment waiting for Hank Morgan to wake up from his beauty sleep and realize that the whole thing is just the creation of his imagination and he has traveled to the past in his dreams only.

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The writer Mark Twain has very beautifully described the whole court scenario of King Arthur’s court which gives life to that proper era as well. Suddenly again when we start to feel that the writer wants us to study history lesson mixed up with the adventure, we are proved wrong by the humorous techniques of Morgan who after understanding that he is in the past pretends to be a magician and starts impressing the masses with the knowledge of science that he possesses.

John Greenman as a narrator has used the same tone in dialogue delivery that was common in that era which proves that he too has made a lot of research before taking up the task of this comic narration seriously.   

The story is a bit related to Twain’s own dream in which he traveled to the past, but the character of an engineer and his use of scientific knowledge shows that the writer has made a lot of research before starting the story.

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