Connections in Death

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Crime spreads on the streets of the city as Eve Dallas is once again called on the scene in order to protect the innocent and arrest the one who is hiding behind the veil of his crimes. J.D. Robb still goes nicely with his homicide cop, one of the best the writer ever produced, in the forty eighth part of masterpiece.

The gripping nature of the novel has never lessened whether we were listening to Naked in Death the first part or Vendetta in Death the forty ninth part. Eve Dallas and her husband move to charity work as they open a school and a shelter house for the young children of the area. For all these years they have concluded that a hard life usually makes the kids attracted towards the wrong path.

Thus only way to correct the society is to save the children from going into the wrong hands or adopting the wrong ways. They adopt a psychologist as well for the brain wash of the disturbed children; Dr. Rochelle Pickering himself had a disturbed background and secrets that were better to be left alone. Lyle on the other hand is living with Rochelle as the doctor tries to make his life better.

Tragedy once again strike Eve and her husband badly when the find Lyle dead. In order to solve the case they had to go deep into the world of terror and drugs where she used to wander once. The only clue they are left with is a syringe and a witness in the neighborhood.

Susan Ericksen goes a bit too slow with the story this time but the delivery of the words go on in a fine manner as the narration is clear and understandable.



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