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The Contact is a sharp and brilliant attempt by writer, Carl Sagan. He normally specializes in producing meaningful content in nonfiction writing and especially about the facts related to Astronomy and the science and technology related to it. The narration of this novel is done by Laurel Lefkoe.

However, this time, he tried his pen on a different domain of writing. He came up with a fictional novel this time with the name of contact. Still, he didn’t diverted much from his expertise and his chosen genre is again science fiction (contemporary), but a fantasy novel to engage his fans in a different manner.

The novel tells that the future is just here and we all are in on an adventurous ride of the cosmic dimension. In the month of December, 1999, a transnational team goes out on an epic trip to the stars, which marks as the most significant and an overwhelming encounter ever in the entire history of humankind.  The ‘Who’ or ‘What’ type of questions are answered right out there or are they?

If you recall about an earlier book by Carl Sagan, the Cosmos, then in that book, he specifically explained a lot of facts about the universe and with good logical backing. This time in Contact, he goes on the same path, but with the prediction of its future. Moreover, the prediction also encapsulates the future about us human beings as well.

The Demon-Haunted World and Cosmos are other notable piece of writings done by Carl Sagan. Unlike the subject novel, these recommended ones are mainly nonfictional type and talks specifically about astronomy and things that are related to it.






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      Thank you once again for your work.

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