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Conviction seems to be an apt title for a modern detective crime mystery thriller, which this novel actually is. It is written by Denise Mina and the novella has a very grasping storyline that is full of adventure, thrill and some suspense as well. For the narration, Cathleen McCarron has done a marvelous job with his top quality voice and expression.

The day when the respectable and much quiet life of Anna McDonald explodes, things started to get extraordinary from ordinary. It was initially a very regular type of a day just as her entire family use to experience before.

She helped in packing up the children to school, getting breakfast ready and listening to yet another podcast on true crime. It was just then on that day when her husband came down from the 1st floor and had an announcement to make. And, Ana is shockingly and suddenly all alone.

Desperate for distraction and reeling, Anna McDonald gets back to the podcast. The problem of all other people are definitely much better as compared to our own. There was a murdered family, a sunken boat and some traces of international conspiracy. But the crime mystery case surfacing up this time in front is actually the problem of Anna McDonald herself.

Denise Mina is a top writer and his comfort zone is crime mystery thrillers based on modern detective characters. This is also the genre, where the author earned a lot of popularity as well. If you want to read or listen to more audio books by the author then the best books to check out are The End of the Wasp Season and Still Midnight.






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    The End of the Wasp Season


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