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The ship with all the latest gadgets i.e Oregon made life tough for the pirates in the first four parts of the series and the pirates want to answer back now. Juan has seen pirates but Corsair is one of a kind thing, they are legends among pirates. From Africa to Asia these pirates take whatever they want because they are simply untouchable. It is a U.S secretary that the Oregon crew wishes to locate because her plane crashed near Libya. She was coming to Libya for a summit but never made it to the country because of the pain issue.

The U.S government wants to rescue the secretary but they don’t want to take the help of the Libyan government because of lack of trust. Juan is given the assignment to rescue the secretary thus Oregon is quickly on the way. When the ship reaches the place, the crew members are successful in locating the plane but the secretary is nowhere to be seen.

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Juan thinks that he has another big mission at his hands like Skeleton Coast and Plague Ship. Soon Islamic militants are seen and according to the legend, some old Islamic scrolls are present in this place. The militants want those scrolls and that’s why they don’t want anyone to come near the place. Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul tell about the deep history of Muslim civilization associated with the land. They tell us about the correct eras about some of the events as well. For Scott Brick, it has become routine work now and he just never gets tired during the narration of any of these tasks. Member Benefit

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    Plague Ship

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