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The end of another space adventure comes near in the form of this third and final part of the trilogy in which Captain Jackson Wolfe is finally happy with his life. The captain is happy because the war is finally ending; a war he thought would never come to an end in his lifetime. Though the enemy was too strong and the humans were unprepared but still they managed to get over the odds. Everything became possible when they made an ally in the space battle and at the same time the human race has paid heavily.

Now is the time to wipe out the enemy from the space forever so that it cannot destroy the human planets anymore. The job is easier to say because in doing so many will lose their lives for sure. And if they don’t take the step it will result in a catastrophe for the entire race. A tough call to make but they are left with no other option to end the battle and kill the enemy for good.

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Warship and Call to Arms hinted towards such kind of an ending but no one ever expected that it would be from the hands of the one who wants to save each and every human. Mark Boyett ends the series in big way and in a stylish tone; it is for sure that the narrator has enhanced the impression and expression of Joshua Dalzelle’s work to a great extent.

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