Crash into Me

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Crash into Me is the first chapter of a brand new series which is titled, Shaken Dirty. It is a contemporary romance novel which is written by Tracy Wolff. She is a supremely talented author of teen and young adult paranormal romance and contemporary romance novels. The Crave series of the author became her identification in the literary world. If you want to enjoy some good novels from the series then go with Crave. On top of that, Covet is another superb book from the author of the Crave series.

The audio narration of Crash into Me is done by Dara Rosenberg. It was an OK kind of performance. You will enjoy a few things about her performance while having slight issues with the others. Overall, she was a reasonable fit for the story.

Jamison was the one who lusted right after Ryder since was only a preteen. But then Ryder made it huge along with Shaken Dirty, the band of her brother. She was the one out of many obsessed with the ominous lead singer. It was too bad for Ryder as he still used to see her only as his younger sister. Her brother would never allow that as well. The very last thing that Jamison wanted to have was to be another mark on the best post of a rock star, even if that was of Ryder.

Ryder on the other hand doesn’t deserve any form of happiness. His last relationship was destroyed because of his fame and he swore not to fall in love ever again…

This is a short book that comes with a highly fascinating love story along with some raunchy sex scenes as well. The characters are believable and nothing will bore you.

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