Crimson Lake

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The novel is surely an award winning performance by Candice Fox who weaves this thrilling mystery into many patterns. Though it is just the start of the series but the writer has left nothing incomplete and it is a complete book on its own and is not dependent on the rest of the series. So if you are not interested in reading lengthy series it can be considered as a single book as well.

Ted Conkaffey’s life is ruined in just six minutes and everything that he once had was dashed to the ground in such a quick succession that he did not even know what happened. He was held guilty of kidnapping a thirteen year old girl and when nothing was proved of him was let free.

But things are not the same for him anymore as he is not considered as a savior in the society anymore. The masses think of him as a public enemy now, that’s why the poor soul leaves his native town and settles at Crimson Lake. Though he tries to move away from all the fuss and tension but here too he is surrounded by nightmares. He meets Amanda Pharrell in his awful state and comes to know that she too almost shares the same history, thus the two join for one more mission together.

This is one way both of them can prove to the society that they are still worthy of trust. Euan Morton narrates this master piece in such a way that it stands out alone in the rest of writer’s works like The Inn and Redemption Point. The voice is crystal clear and there are no unnecessary pauses or delays that would appear to be dull and boring for the listener. Also no pronunciation error can be finding even if you go through the story more than once.







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