Crimson Lake Road

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Victor Methos brings another serial killer to the scene who throws one dead body after another in front of the audience. Brittany Pressley has also kept the spookiness alive through narration and this has made the book real fun. Prosecutor Jessica Yardley is presented as an old battle axe in the series as she is preparing for her retirement. During her early days of service she used to be a great threat for the criminals, now those days have passed and Jessica wants some rest.

Giving some time to her personal life is her dream which she wants to materialize. Before all of this she still wants to solve a case linked to a serial killer that is causing severe pain for the law enforcers. The serial killer is following the pattern which is shown in a series of paintings known as The Nigh Things. It is an odd thing to track but that’s how mad serial killers work all the time. At moments Jessica thinks that she knows all about the serial killer and then within minutes she thinks that she has completely lost track.

It is the battle which she has chosen for herself and at this point she just cannot run away. The killer is cunning and skilled so in order to track him down, Jessica must think like a serial killer as well. Instead of doing all that, Jessica goes to her serial killer husband so that he might be able to guide her in this vicious case. Not closely linked to A Killer’s Wife and The Neon Lawyer thus there is no chance of repetition of thoughts or ideas. The author works quite neatly all the time and he makes sure that none of the elements are repeated.

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