Cross: Alex Cross,Book 12

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Years ago Alex lost his wife and not many people after all these years know that his wife was murdered. He does not talk about his wife’s case too much because it hurts and secondly he has not taken any sort of revenge during all those years. It is not that he has left the idea from his mind but he always knew that if he kills the killer he would be imprisoned and there would be no one left for his kids thus they would surely end up in a boarding school.

So instead of going wild on the death of his wife he just came back home for his children and since then he has been taking care of his children as a mother and father. James Patterson brings the case of multiple rapes on the scenes this time. We have heard about murders, kidnaps, slavery, and revenge but not rapes in Roses Are Red and Violets Are Blue or another book such as this.

Sampson and Alex start investigating and they go to the victims of this hideous act but no one wants to talk about that torture anymore. The women who have gone through this are so scared that they think that they are still being watched. Peter J. Fernandez and Jay O. Sanders narrate those scary feelings better than before. For Alex, the case was not a big one because no big-name was involved in it but soon a big name gets involved in it i.e Alex’s wife. Alex comes to know through investigation that the case of this mysterious man is linked to his wife’s death. So the case becomes important and personal for Alex who has been looking for her wife’s murderer for years.

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