Cross Justice

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A person can do nothing when his family is in the hands of the enemy but Alex has fought those situations very well. He has not only saved his family on numerous occasions but also gave the criminal world what it deserved i.e a lot of bullets in the chest. Things remained quiet for Alex for some time after he got rid of his enemies in Cross My Heart and Hope to Die so he thought that the days of trouble were over for him.

However that was not the case because crime does not end, it just waits for some planning until it gets back to you. Nana Mama, Bree, and the children are luckily safe and sound in this episode and Alex has to save another family member i.e his cousin. His cousin is behind bars because of criminal activity and Alex is sure that the case is not investigated properly. So the master detective goes to his cousin to help him and also to track down the real one behind the crime.

He has not visited his hometown for a long time and the case also helps him to visit the place where he was born and bred. His cousin is in jail so he spends more time investigating because the rest of the people in the town don’t recognize him properly.

It took Alex three decades to return to the land where his parents once lived. Now he comes to know about long-buried family secrets that he knew nothing about in the past. James Patterson takes the series in a different direction here in Ruben Santiago-Hudson’s voice. It is about things that have remained hidden for a long time and now the things are coming out in the form of dead bodies.

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