Cross My Heart

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Wife Bree helped Alex Cross to start feeling like a family man once again because he lost his vision of life after the death of his wife. Now with his children and grandmother, he feels the colors of life which become brighter with every passing day. Challenges are met with more precision and problems are tackled excellently because of the relaxation of mind which Alex now possesses.

His enemy however now knows his weakness completely and is ready to take advantage of that fully. The plan is simple i.e abduct the family and then Alex will come looking for them after which one can lure him right into the trap. It will not stop at this phase after that rather the one who gets to Alex’s family would be able to get full control of the man and can make him do anything.

Alex’s family is like his remote which can make him do what is commanded. But one thing which the enemy does not know i.e absence of his family can make Alex lose his mind and temper so it is hell what the enemy is asking for. James Patterson created Along with Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls long ago in which Alex was sad about his wife. Now when he has a new wife and life he is not ready to lose it all again.

Whatever the danger maybe Alex is ready to take that risk for the sake of his entire family. Michael Boatman and Tom Wopat narrate female and male characters in the same voice which is not a problem but a female voice at this stage could have done it a lot better.

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