Crowned and Dangerous

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It is rule breaking time in the palace as Lady Georgiana tries to strengthen her relation with Darcy O’ Mara; he too seems to be more interested on the continuation of their strange relation.

Rhys Bowen has intentionally started adding the personal life of Georgiana since the start of the previous chapter Malice at the Palace. We see her more active in the palace, taking interest in the affairs of the Royal Family like never before. Perhaps from inside she has made a commitment to herself that it’s time to rise.

Katherine Kellgren too has changed her tone for the Lady so that we can observe the development in her personality that slow but is stronger than ever. Georgiana finds herself so engaged with the man that she even prepares herself mentally that she would even exceed the limits of sinning for him.

Luckily he does not prove that kind of a person as he takes her for wedding. Everything sounds good except for the thing that Darcy’s financial status was worst than hers.

Still the love was in the air until they hear that Darcy’s father was arrested in a murder case as people think that he had murdered the American who acquired his mansion. Happiness all of a sudden vanishes and the race for the case is on like always, this time however the case appears to be more personal because it is attached to Georgiana’s future Father-in-Law.

The king will never allow Georgiana to marry in a family with a criminal background thus the case is a matter of her future. An awesome novel no doubt told in an awesome that you can enjoy again and again on weekends.




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