Cruel and Unusual

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Cruel and Unusual is the 4th chapter of the interesting Scarpetta novel series. It is a suspenseful mystery thriller and Scarpetta is a brilliantly written character by Patricia Cornwell, who is the author of this novel and the Scarpetta series. A few other worths listening to and recommended novels written by Patricia are Postmortem and Body of Evidence.

There were no surprises as far as the narrator of this chapter is concerned. C. J. Critt was rightly the repeated choice after giving an inspiring vocal performance in all the earlier chapters of the Scarpetta novel series. She had two voices used in this novel and it worked well.

The story in this novel starts with the fingerprints mystery of a murderer who was already executed. But, the police discovered his fingerprints at an unbelievable and new crime scene. Kay Scarpetta had her task cut out to investigate this mysterious crime scene.

You just need to prepare yourself for another riveting and suspenseful thriller which Patricia, the bestselling author has brought for you. The novel is just a little less than 12 hours and throughout its narration, you will be not having any dull moment. You will easily finish this novel in one go as it is sure that tempting.

Cruel and Unusual is not as suspenseful as some of the other novels written by Patricia Cornwell. But, it is worth investing your time in as the story is exciting and the character of Scarpetta gets better and better. Patricia truly deserves all the praise for bringing this fantastic story to the audience. Kudos to C. J. Critt for pulling off another sensational vocal performance.




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