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Crusaders is an epic book written by Dan Jones. It is a nonfictional book based on European history and you will love going through its audio narration. Dan Jones himself has done the narration of this novel and it turned out to be a good one.

It is for more than a millennium that the Muslims and Christians have lived together, side by side. There was peace at times and sometimes war as well. At the time, when the Christian armies seized the entire area of Jerusalem in the year 1099, the most notorious period of conflict ever began between the two people of religions.

The fall of the holy city of Jerusalem was the greatest of horrors of all time. In this book. Dan Jones actually interrogates the different aspects of this significant story and charts a deeply human path right through that crusading era.

Expanding on the actual timeframe, Dan Jones looks on to the very roots of the Muslim-Christian relations in the 8th century and also tracks done the influence of crusading to this present day.

He further explores on the geographical focus to the far off regions home to the enemies of the Church that includes the so called enemies from Spain, southern France, North Africa and the Baltic states as well. Dan Jones also highlights the intimate stories of many of the individual journeys, which has the perspective of the Arab Sicilian poets and as well as the kings and the popes.

The author Dan Jones is known for writing nonfictional books and that too specifically on European history. A couple of other books on the subject matter that the author has written are The Plantagenets and The Wars of the Roses.

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