Cursed Be the Child

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Cursed Be the Child is a horror fiction novel. It is masterfully written by Mort Castle. He is an American writer and also a teacher of writing. He has written more than 17 novels and 500 short stories. His work mainly revolves around horror fiction, which he does so perfectly. New Moon on the Water and The Strangers are his best novels so far and also available in audio formats.

Nick Santa Maria has done the narration of this chapter. The performance was quite satisfactory and made it a good listen for the audience.

Lisette has died many centuries ago but she is determined to pay back the cruel world that betrayed her. Lisette was killed after the rape when she was only 5 years old. The dying mother of Lisette sent her to live her life with her uncle. It was his savage uncle who actually raped her and then killed. Those monstrous circumstances turned that girl into a tormented spirit. Now, Missy, another 5-year-old girl has moved into her new home and she looked haunted apparently with the huge basement of the house. Missy had no idea that Lisette, her imaginary friend is trying to use her for her revenge.

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This book is not for the faint-hearted. It has a dark and extremely horrifying image. It takes a big heart to see what Lisette has been through in her 5 years of life only. Children abuse message is quite loud and clear in this novel.

Cursed Be the Child is a great horror fiction novel which is all about revenge and possession. The author Mort Castle was wonderful with his writing and depicting excellent situations with powerful characters in this novel. Member Benefit

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