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Daemon marks the opening of the exciting novel series with the same title. It is also the novel, which rose its author Daniel Suarez to the maximum height of his literary writing career. This is also the novel, which became the best-seller at its time and also helped Daniel Suarez to become the best-selling author in New York Times. The novel is a beautiful mystery thriller with lots of suspense to be enjoyed. Jeff Gurner gave the narration of this audio book and his performance as a narrator was one of the highlights of this novel and contributed a big deal in success of this novel.

This was a debut novel by Daniel Suarez and what a great opening he had to his literary writing career with a highly grossing high-tech thriller.

Daemon in this novel are referred to those computer software programs that run in your machine in the background. They remain inactivated and only activates when a certain event or time comes. They are known to power any service almost. They are also responsible for connecting us through the world using networking. But, on the other end, they also make it all vulnerable.

The time when the obituary of Matthew Sobol, a renowned computer games engineer came online, then a previously saved daemon gets activated. Its activation actually initiated a number of events, which started to impact the networked world. The daemon was capable of reading all the news headlines, order assassinations and also recruit human followers as well.

Freedom (TM) and Delta-v novels are also by Daniel Suarez and were highly appreciated by audiences world over. Their audio version is probably the best thing you could enjoy, especially if mystery thrillers with suspense is your way of enjoyment.





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