Dangerous Gift

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This epic “Dangerous Gift” is written by Tui T Sutherland and narrated by Shannon McManus. The Flames of Hope and The Lost Heir are the best portrayals of Tui T Sutherland.

Snowfall did not anticipate being sovereign of the IceWings at such a youthful age, however now that she will be, she will be the best sovereign of all time. She should simply keep her clan inside the IceWing region, where it’s protected while keeping every clan out, where they should be. It’s an ideal and straightforward arrangement upheld by all the IceWing sorcery Snowfall can find.

That is, until a tempest of unidentified mythical beasts showed up on her shore, searching for refuge. The outsiders are weird and Snowfall is sure deceitful. However, as she accompanied the hopeless new clans out of her realm ‘Snowfall’ is compelled to rethink her ideas. Perhaps she can keep her clan safe if she will take a chance with everything.

The book is fantastic with fun exciting bends along the way as normal. My children love this series and we paid attention to it at eating times. Sure beyond a shadow of a doubt to get your children up and to breakfast on time when the book began regardless of whether they are plunking down.

The portrayal is unbelievable. You could genuinely hear every one of the various characters through her voice and not need to battle to isolate who was who or suspend conviction to lose all sense of direction in the story. This book worked hard on doing character advancement for the primary person snowfall.

At first, the readers might be abhorred snowfall, she was exceptionally irritating, and holding paying attention to the book was hard. Then, at that time, inevitably she began to change and develop more as a person and a sovereign and I develop to cherish her personality and her advancement.

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