Danse Macabre

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We witnessed in the thirteenth part of the series that the author Laurell K. Hamilton took the series to the personal life of Anita. Now it becomes extra personal when she becomes pregnant, for Jean, it seems to be the biggest shocker of his life. He just cannot control himself after the news also tackling other vampires has become tough for him. Anita’s bigger challenge awaits, if she wants to bring the child into the world first she has to decide who the real father of the child is.

First attention focuses on Nathanial as he had sex with Anita several times after establishing nice chemistry with her. Second, on the list is Micah who spent a lot of time with Anita when the two went to Philadelphia. Anita’s powers are growing still and she does not know how to deal with the situation.

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She has no idea about anything in her life, whether it is her power, her love affairs, her sexual relationship, or her pregnancy. Something within her has just changed her personality; she lives more of the physical pleasures now. Jean increases the headache when he tells Anita about the invitation which he has sent to the other vampires for a kind of reunion.

Better in detail than Incubus Dreams, the story however harps on similar themes to the end scenes. Narrator Cynthia Holloway is back after a short break which has also brought back a lot of fans. Cynthia is a name that has now become a part of all of this stuff, thus the two cannot just remain away.


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