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 Dare to Lead is an exceptional piece of writing by Brene Brown and it has been narrated in his own powerful voice. After listening to his voice, you would realize that no one else could have done it better with so calmness, neutral accent and the professional tone he has.

With this book, Brene brought forward his decades of research of being an insightful guide to a very genuine and courageous leadership. This book promises to serve as a roadmap and guide for everyone looking to lead strategically and mindfully. This shows everyone the right path to live bravely, be thoughtful in every aspect and step of life and just dare to lead.

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Leading could be in any domain. It could be when you are looking to lead a movement or even when you are looking to start your startup business. The rules and principles of daring to lead provided in this book are applicable in every domain. It is just that you need to think out of the box and have guts to lead with no fear.

The book will challenge you in every aspect, especially your thinking, your bravery in leadership and to attain the leadership heights with all honesty and grace. There are some actionable tools discussed as well in order to choose courage and bravery over comfort. The idea is to make you come out of your comfort zone and face the reality.

Once you start listening to it, 8 hours narration of this book wouldn’t seem a lot to digest. Things are nicely connected from one chapter to the other and the narration promises to keep you mesmerized right till its end.

You will get to know about the brilliance of Brene Brown more by listening or reading his other popular books, especially, The Power of Vulnerability and The Gifts of Imperfection which are also testimony of his writing brilliance and command over story-telling.



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    1. Love the book! FYI… I am wondering if who wrote the synopsis of the book even listened to it? Brene’ is a woman. The person who wrote the synopsis refers to Brene’ as him/his.


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