Dark Blood

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Christine Feehan is a phenomenal novelist. Her way of storytelling is quite exciting and that is actually her unique selling point. Dark Blood is a true depiction of all her fantastic literary writing abilities. It is the 26th chapter in 34 chapter long Dark series. If you want to know about some more novels from the author then you should check her Shadow Flight and Desolation Road novels.

Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross maximized the opportunity given to them for the narration of this fantastic novel Dark Blood. The pairing did the job for the audience who absolutely loved every part of the narration.

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The story starts with Zev Hunter who is known as an elite warrior. He is a dealer of dark blood in order to rogue the Lycans who used to pray on humans. Zev was a loner and was fierce at his work. But he never question anything but his past. There was also no question ever on his purpose when he rouses in the obscurity of the sacred fissure of warriors. He is pacified back to the realization by the familiar voice of a woman. She was Branislava, a woman who had troubled all his fantasies for centuries.

This chapter received kind of a mixed reviews. It could probably be the reason associated with those fans who are following the Dark series religiously from chapter one. They obviously have set very high hopes from the author and get disappointed if there is anything lesser than what they are expected. If you look at this novel alone then it is quite a good ne and will offer you some great literary entertainment.

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