Dark Curse

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Dark Curse is another sensational novel written by Christine Feehan. It is the 19th installment in the grand Dark saga. The novel has got all the ingredients what you can expect from a Christine Feehan book. The book is mainly dominated with romance and then it has some great emotion and fight for survival as well. There are quite a few other successful novels of the author that you should check especially if you are a fan of Christine Feehan or romance fantasy novels. Shadow Flight and Dark Illusion novels are recommended for their absolute brilliance in quality of writing.

The pair of Phil Gigante and Jane Brown is back again in Dark Curse after their successful venture in Dark Possession as the narrators. Their performance once again turned out to be outstanding which the audience adored.

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The novel starts with the character of Lara Calladine. She is extremely haunted by those unwanted memories of the childhood while being kept as a prisoner in a haunting ice cave. She kept sane by all those stories narrated by her imprisoned aunts. The instilled the Carpathian magic and the mage well within her and eventually supported her to escape. She spent many years while searching for the cave in the desperate hope of getting the answers to all the questions from her past. Moreover, she also had hope for locating her aunts who could have given away their own lives in order to save her.

You will experience freshness in any novel of the writer that you try and this Dark Possession is no different in this regard. The quality of writing, characterization and performances in the audio format were absolutely stunning.

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