Dark Desire

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Christine Feehan is the best-selling author in New York Time for her Dark series. It contains 34 books and each and every novel makes a great read. Dark Desire is a novel out of the same series. A couple of other exciting novels from the saga are Dark Legend and Dark Guardian. The entire series is a romance fantasy where you will experience some great emotions of love and desire between the lead pair.

Abby Caden is the performer in this novel. She had a very interesting take while playing the female character. She use to portray that character with a low, slow and controlled voice. This was actually the character of the female lead and the narrator did full justice to it with such inspiring performance.

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The stranger very silently called her from across the seas, across the continents while whispering about everlasting nuisance and endless hunger. Somehow, Shea, an American surgeon could better feel his own anguish and his haunting aloneness. She discovered a raging man while being taken to the far mountains of Carpathian. He was someone like no other and she naturally trembled. She recognized the lovely stranger who would become part of her life after seeing that in his burning eyes. But, will she be his actual healer or may be a prey? This is a million dllar question which you will find an answer for while going through this novel in detail. It will be a great read for sure for all the romance fantasy readers.

The Dark Desire novel continued quite well where its prequel left. It will surely be a great experience for all the fans of Christine Feehan.

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