Dark Melody

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Christine Feehan never misses out on any opportunity to impress her followers. She always bring forward the most entertaining romance fantasies that has a lot of dimensions. People love her books for its strong characters, emotion, drama and sometimes irresistible suspense as well. Dark melody is chapter 12 of the Dark series. The author has managed to live up to the tall order, where plenty of books followed up after Dark Melody. If you want to check out the best among those then do consider listening to the audio versions of Dark Destiny and Dark Wolf novels.

Kaleo Griffith gets another chance in this series for giving the narration. It was a bit of a sloppy performance where he was found messing around with the pronunciation of the names of the characters. The performance could have been way better as compared to the standards set in the early chapters of the Dark series.

Dayan is known as a top quality lead guitarist of the Dark Troubadours. He was always loved for his excellent and mesmerizing performances. His melodies used to stun crowds everywhere and even seduce and beckon them as well. Every time, he used to call her for the sake of completing him. She was Corinne Wentworth who stood right at the whirlpool of the gathering storm. She was persuaded by the extremists who had killed her husband and now she is risking her own life.

The novel is great and it is a must listen, even when it comes with average level of narration. You will be highly inspired by the writing abilities and literary skills of Christine Feehan and might just become her fan for life.

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