Dark of the Moon

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Master of writing thrillers John Sandford once again grips our attention with his master piece once again involving killers, criminals and the police. Virgil Flowers bound to do the hard stuff all the time because this is what he wants and this is what he is hired for by the Bureau of Criminal apprehension led by Lucas Davenport who has been the key character in most of Sandford’s novels like Neon Prey  and  Bloody Genius, the writer keeps on amazing us by his mastery in the field of thrillers as we read one novel after the other with different theme and always a strong plot that is well managed by the writer.

Virgil Flowers comes to Bluestem on a mission which is perhaps the toughest of his career when he starts solving the case related to the murder of a husband and wife in which the husband was found in the backyard dead and his eyes were snatched out of the sockets, this all lead to one thing that its revenge what the killer wanted and then there is also a third murder of a guy named Judd who died because of an explosion in his house. Judd however is not the person who was liked by the society as everyone around wanted to kill him in way or the other.

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The mystery of these tree murders gets to real height when Flowers gets the hint that he might be the next on the list of this strange killer who wants some sort of revenge but why he is against Flowers as well, is a tough thing to solve. The narration by Eric Conger is well suited to the condition and circumstances of the novel.  


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