Dark Peril

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Dark Peril is another exciting Carpathian novel from the Dark series. It is the 21st chapter in the saga and quite an entertaining one. The author Christine Feehan is brilliant with the understanding of her target audience and provide exactly what they are looking for. Dark Peril is a romance fantasy novel and you will definitely love it for what it is. If you want to know more about the other exciting novels from Christine Feehan then you should check out Shadow Flight and Dark Illusion novels.

This time, the narration of the novel still had a pairing but involves Phil Gigante with Natalie Ross. They both rocked as a pair and especially the female narrator, Natalie who made her first appearance in the Dark saga.

Dominic is one of the most resourceful person of Carpathian. He is highly desperate to go to the very core of the camp of the enemy and then learn about all their plans. There is only one possibility to do so and that was to gulp the scrounging blood of a vampire.

He knew it pretty well that this is a kind of a mission where there will be no return at all. He will get all the information that he require with very little time before the blood starts to take its effect. Then, he should relay all that to the leader of the Carpathians and follow it by fighting out. There could be no better and honorable way to end his own life.

The novel will satisfy the quest of all those buffs who were looking for something special in the romance fantasy genre. Christine Feehan did a brilliant job to produce such a sensational storing with amazingly strong characters.

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