Dark Places

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It’s all evil in the novel that we meet or witness in the form of people who have an exceptional patience to bear the evil that come their way. First one that the novel portrays is Libby Day the main character in the novel and also a true fighter in all sense. Libby saw her mother and two sisters die in front of her eyes when she was seven years of age. She ran from the house in order to save herself and lost a few fingers because of the severe cold that was surrounding the whole region. Gillian Flynn thrills us when we are told about the circumstances that the girl faces but after that we see her emerging to the situation and her personality evolves as well.

Her brother was the one who killed the whole family and because of her evidence he was sent to prison. The whole story took place twenty five years ago and now when the novel enters the present day things are even more complex than they appear. All of a sudden she is found by the macabre society that wants Ben out of prison. The society is sure as hell that if Libby provides the exact details Ben could be set free.

But why the society wants to free Ben no one knows, the only thing in which Libby is interested in no wish profit so that she can better her life in one way or the other. The theme match to Gone Girl and Rogues at this point but narrated better by Rebecca Lowman, Mark Deakins, Cassandra Campbell and Robertson Dean.

No real strong message for the society is found but still the novel is worth to listen, it has all the ingredients that can make your weekend.

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