Dark Possession

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Dark Possession is the 18th chapter of the Dark novel series. It is marvelously written by Christine Feehan. She has a rich archive of romance fantasy novels where Dark Destiny and Dark Wolf would make a fantastic read. Both these recommended novels are taken from the Dark saga of Christine Feehan.

The narration of this chapter is done by the pairing of Phil Gigante and Jane Brown. Both the narrators were right up to the task and expectations of the audience in every possible way.

Manolito was totally aware that he was mighty close to turning into a vampire. The very last thing that he anticipated after being summoned back to Carpathian by Mikhail was to catch the smell of MaryAnn, his life-mate.

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MaryAnn Delaney is a human unlike Manolito but she was fully aware about the crushingly violent instinct of the men of Carpathians. Those are not exactly the type of men who she would have preferred to be attached for a lifetime. MaryAnn, a devoted counsellor for maltreated women has got quite a fulfilling life with n space for someone like Manlito who was born and bred in the mountains of Carpathian. However, when MaryAnn showed willingness to go to South America for guiding the brutalized woman, then she had absolutely no idea of the trap that was waiting for her. She was actually lured there by none other than Manolito himself who has got some seductive plans for that irresistible and unaware human female.

A great thing about Christine Feehan as an author is that she is not predictable at all despite writing mainly on the romance fantasy genre. This is also the beauty of Dark Possession novel.

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