Dark Predator

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Dark Predator is a romance fantasy novel. It is 22nd installment in the exciting Dark saga. The author of this novel is Christine Feehan who is known for her spectacular romance stories. She has produced countless novels where this Dark saga alone had 34 parts. A couple of popular chapters from this series are Dark Destiny and Dark Wolf.

For the narration of Dark Predator, we again witness a new pairing between Erik Bergmann and Kristine Ryan. They both managed to give an easy to listen, exciting and smooth narration. They did full justice to all the characters that they played in Dark Predator.

Zacarias De La Cruz has the reputation of being a master executioner. The savage and stark journey has now ended completely. Zacarias for his brothers had gone right to the edge of madness. However, spending time as a killing machine for centuries, it is now left t the past. Zacarias now things for the very first time that who is he exactly. The answer for his quest awaits in Peru, back home. It was in the betrayal of a lady who is preparing her trap and it was all in the vengeance of an old rival and was the inevitable result of a family legacy. It was also in the deliverance of a life-mate who could have never ever imagined at all. Check the novel to find out further details.

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Dark Predator might not be the best novel of Christine Feehan or in the Dark series. Nevertheless, it is still worth investing your time in as it is way better than many other novels in the romance fantasy genre that you would have witnessed otherwise.

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