Dark Roads

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Dark Roads is a suspenseful mystery thriller. It is authored by Chevy Stevens. She is from Canada and she is known for writing fiction and mystery thrillers. Those Girls and Still Missing are two of the most loved novels of an author with an excellent story.

The audio narration team for this novel includes Angela Dawe, Isabella Star LaBlanc, and Brittany Pressley. All of them were brilliant with their performances and made this audiobook worth listening to.

The Cold Creek Highway was quite a huge and isolated one. It was the main hunting ground for the predators. For several decades many young women traveling through the highway had gone missing. The hitchhikers and the motorists living nearby in the small towns or passing through fell prey to the predators time and again. No abductor or killer who had stalked that Cold Creek Highway has ever been caught or brought to justice.

Cold Creek for Hailey McBride was home. She was always taught by her father to respect nature, and how one should live and survive right off the land. She was also taught not to travel through that highway alone. But, he was gone then and left her teenager as an orphan in the care of her aunt. Her aunt’s husband was a policeman and he used his influence to control and bully Hailey. She was deeply overwhelmed with grief. She vanished into the mountainous area with the hope that all would believe that she had left the town. But, there were rumors spread all around that she got abducted by the highway killer.

Dark Roads is an outstanding novel with an exceptional story and flawless voice acting.

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