Dark Slayer

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Dark Slayer is chapter 20 of the mighty Dark novel series. It is written beautifully by Christine Feehan who is undoubtedly the queen of romance. She has got many other novels to endorse this claim where the novels like Dark Destiny and Dark Wolf could make a strong case for her. In the capacity of narrators, the Phil Gigante and Jane Brown pair is seen yet again who managed to give another engaging performance for the listeners of Dark Slayer.

There was a rumor going on in the Dark Slayer vampire world which was about a woman who could travel with a pack of wolf and kill any vampire who crosses her way. Elusive, mysterious and apparently impossible to kill, the woman is a hunter who strikes terror in the hearts and minds of the undead.

Her name is Ivory Malinov and the only brethren she has are wolves. She was abandoned by her family long ago and then got cast out by her own people who she always considered dear to her. She has now spent centuries without any love or companionship. She has sustained her sanity by getting ready for one purpose only and that is to destruct her greatest enemy. Until one night when she picked up the smell fragrance of a man who is her expected deliverance. He was her life-mate. It was actually the curse of the entire women-kind of the Carpathian. The man name is Razvan who is a branded criminal and feared.

The novel has everything that you want in a high profile romance fantasy. Besides that, it has got the stamp of Christine Feehan as an author which itself endorses quality and nonstop entertainment.

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