Dark Stranger Revealed

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Dark Stranger Revealed in 2nd installment in The Children of the Gods Paranormal Romance Series. It is a horror fiction novel. The book is written by I. T. Lucas with lots of love and literary skills behind it. The author has given fiction lovers a range of quality novels where the most loved ones by the audience are: Dark Stranger: The Dream and Dark Choices: The Accord.

Charles Lawrence for his accent and great expression is an exceptional choice for this series. His performance in the subject novel has also been quite outstanding which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

While sheltered in the stronghold of clans, Syssi at her end is unaware that Amanda and Kian are not human beings and neither are they the religious fanatics. She developed a very powerful connection with Kian and he introduced her to a fascinating world of pleasure and something that she could have never imagined without him. The dominant sexuality of Kian is a revelation for her. Syssi feels quite comfortable letting go with him because she is totally out of her element. All this stayed relevant until she started to doubt that everything is not as normal as it seems. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, she draws a very scary but wrong conclusion. The story goes on further until their chapter concludes in the subsequent installment of the series.

Dark Stranger Revealed is an awesomely written novel and makes a grand addition to The Children of the Gods Paranormal Romance Series. The narrator of this chapter was even better and the overall experience of the audiobook was magnificent.


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