Dark World

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Finally after living under the shadow of another empire the humanity has claimed its independence once again and not only this it has enhanced its power as well. As the Cephalopod Kingdom started losing power the human race quite wisely got hold of the three hundred rebellious worlds and now it all in the hands of the humans. Though according to most of the people everything is over and mankind through diplomacy and warfare has won in the battlefield against different alien races.

It is a time of permanent felicity for the soldiers but they are unaware of the world that lies far beyond their imaginations. A world that is secretly planning against the earth in a calculating manner is finally ready to fight. They have been watching them fight and know all their moves in other words all about their strengths and weaknesses. B.V. Larson starts the battle once again luckily it is once again in the voice of Mark Boyett which means that we will enjoy this ride as well.

The humans are not ready and James once again like always travels among the stars like he did in Clone World and Machine World. But this time the enemy is prepared for him as they know that he is the prime weapon the people of the earth possess against alien invasions. Things again start to go messy for every one because they once again fight an enemy that is many light years away and they never knew it existed in the galaxy.

Mystery was the key that we observed in the first two parts and then after that it was all action now the series is again coming back to mystery creating an element of awe in the readers mind.





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