Darker Than Amber

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Darker Than Amber is the 7th installment in the mighty popular Travis McGee novel series which is written by John D. MacDonald. Darker Than Amber novel lives right up to the expectation of the audience with his highly captivating story and the evergreen character of Travis McGee. The author has plenty of other mystery thrillers to his name which also deserves the attention of all those fans who are looking for something really special in the subject genre. If a couple of his top novels are to be named then Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By would make a very easy choice for the audience.

The narration once again comes in the hands of Robert Petkoff for this novel who is the obvious choice for the role right since the opening chapter of the series. The choice proves to be perfect once again as the performance of Robert is absolutely flawless.

Travis McGee in this novel is portrayed with his usual impression of someone who never shies away from damsels in anguish. But that gorgeous Eurasian beauty this time was quite different from the rest. When Travis McGee along with Meyer managed to rescue her from the troubling waters then she had a weird block of cement which was stuck with her feet. Strangely enough, she was not at all much grateful and was ready to trap them in a murder racket to end up all the murders.

This is an action packed entertainer with a really exciting story to enjoy. This novel is one of the most enjoyable book from the 21-chapter long series. Robert performance was outstanding but could have been better this time when he tried to play the character of Meyer.

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