David Copperfield

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One the greatest of his era Charles Dickens still impress us with his one of kind characters that represent Dickens own life as well. The characters most of the times have some hint of writer’s childhood experiences in the world that is cruel and friendly at the same time. We observe the same type of children in the books like Great Expectations and Bleak House.

David Copperfield the young boy faces the wrath of Mr. Murdstone that could easily make a boy run for his life but not this lad. He proves to be strong enough to bear the torment of his ill fortune and writes a new one through its ashes. Most of the people that he confronts in the early stages of his life prove to be villains.

People like Peggotty and Betsey could influence a young mind within no time and then can send it to the hell of destruction. This boy however emerges at every step into a young man that surpasses all and becomes a good member of society in the end.

Though there are positive characters too in the novel and of course in the life of David Copperfield but their role is not that of a proper savior that a boy usually needs in such circumstances. Charles Dickens always had one thing in mind i.e a man can make his own fate and can thus achieve his destiny. Richard Armitage has given a defining performance in the narration of this marvelous tale.

The narrator has used separate sounds in order to distinguish the nature of certain characters that has helped in depicting their true personality in the novel.



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