Dead Against Her

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Sheriff Bree has successfully targeted many killers in the past but this time she has become the target. The killer knows that if he wants to get the job done then he has to put Bree out of his path. So the killer has made a perfect plan for the sheriff of the down, a plan that can take her reputation within no time.

Melinda Leigh’s fifth part of the series is loaded with more mystery which is once again coming to us in the voice of Christina Traister. Thinking about the continuation of Drown Her Sorrows or Right Behind Her then this is not the case at all. Eugene i.e a terrible deputy is thrown out of his job by Sheriff Bree and after a while, she hears that the man has been killed on an isolated farm.

The man had made many enemies during his years in the town so it could be anyone who has finally gotten rid of him. One thing which Bree and Matt know very well is that the killer always leaves behind certain clues which can help in tracking him down. When Bree reaches the site with Matt, she feels that the killer is quite near them and he wants to get rid of them as well in order to stop the investigation.

So Bree and Matt have to save their lives first before getting to the criminal in one piece. The mission gets more and more intense as the killer starts stalking the sheriff because he wants to hunt her down along with her boyfriend. This time the killer will amaze the audience with his tricks and techniques.

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