Dead as a Doornail

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Charlaine Harris’ fifth book comes with a domestic issue that Sookie faces in the form of Jason her only brother. Sookie realized that her brother was a were-panther in the last fight in Dead to the World.

It was not a big issue for her because she lives with a vampire and has friends in the form of werewolves. Soon her brother is going to turn into were-panther for the first time which is just a family business that’s all. Sookie’s telepathic powers alarm her of another danger very near to her house and she thinks that her brother might be in greater trouble this time. Jason has been kidnapped before but that was not that much of a bigger problem such as this one.

A sniper plans to shoot all the changelings in the head this time. This includes Sookie’s brother too because in the next full moon he is going to turn into a were-panther. The telepathic waitress goes on a hunt again with the allies that are always growing in number. However the hunter does not seem to be a normal human being because he can sense Sookie too from a great distance.

Soon Sookie realizes that she is not chasing the hunter rather it is the exact opposite as she is being chased by the wild hunter. Johanna Parker brings change in narrating style first time in the series because the young waitress is afraid. She not only fears for her brother but also her own life looks to be on stake for the second time. First time that Sookie faced such danger was in Living Dead in Dallas when she faced the people of the church standing against her. It’s totally an awesome episode with less flavor of romance this time.




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    Dead to the World

    Definitely Dead


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