Dead Mountain

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Written and narrated by Donnie Eicher the book brings to life a real incident that the writer saw with his own eyes. It was 1959 when a team of hikers went for a hiking trip on a place that is known as the Dead Mountain. They died a few days later and their dead bodies were found, the case was closed with a detailed investigation. Most of the people thought that they died because of land slitting or other stuffs like the severe cold.

Even if the investigation was held no details were ever provided to the general public because the investigation revealed things which could make the whole tale more fictional and less real. The hikers in the severe cold came out of their tents without clothes or shoes when the shot their last photographs and the clothes that were found afterwards in their tent were extremely radioactive.

Why they faced so much radioactive rays on that isolated or stranded place on a top of a mountain no one knows and thus no explanation can be provided in reference to the whole incident.

The writer has done detail investigation for this book as he himself went all the way to Russia and then closes to the Dead Mountain for an investigation. The facts that the book brings out are horrifying but still there is no solid ground behind the investigation. Still it is enough to soothe a heart that still aches for those who were killed without a reason and no trace was left of the source that killed them. Though Donnie is not a professional narrator but still he has done a good job in the narration too.

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