Dead to the World

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Telepathic waitress Sookie survives another battle in the last part and she is not giving up the love of her life that easily. Bill is her life for whom she has left everything that she once had in Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas. Even her existence on the earth is not the same here because she is not considered as one among the humans anymore. Charlaine Harris is making Sookie delve deeper into the world of the dead but the funny side is not gone.

Nothing has become serious in the series since day one when Sookie had her first crush. Approximately a fortnight or more after the Club Dead adventure Sookie finds Eric on the road without his proper clothing. She takes him home and she is told that a group of witches has entered the town to take over everything. Sookie does not want to involve in all of it but in the second incident her brother is abducted. Alcide is called for help as he has his own pack of werewolves to fight with the witches.

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Eric loses his memories this time but Sookie feels lucky at the end that she was able to save her brother Jason from the deadly witches. Narration goes up to the mark again as Johanna Parker narrates Sookie’s character in exactness. Scenes even with extreme fights and bloodshed don’t have a corrosive voice in narration because the author wanted this series to be in the lighter side during action. Not too much recommended for the kids because of the romance scenes that slip a little too far as compared to the usual stories.


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