Dear Edward

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Never ever has a book given such a feeling through its words and story line, Ann Napolitano really puts the twelve years old boy in front of us in full sensation. Edward Alder was going to Los Angeles with his family in a plane; the plane had 183 other people of different category. Among them were people like a pregnant woman, a woman running away from her husband and other people like a soldier returning from war.

It was all very wonderful and fascinating when all of a sudden the plane met an accident and crashed in mid air. No one was able to survive the accident except the twelve year old Edward who was considered the luckiest person in the world. People rushed toward him and people all around wanted to know the story of his experience. The boy does not think that he is the luckiest person on earth because he is left alone in the whole wide world after the death of his parents.

The poor lad has nowhere to go and no one to rely on; the accident took everything away from him. He thinks that he would never be able to forget that sad spectacle; it will remain haunting his mind for ever. A Good Hard Look will make a nice pair along with this audio book; real fiction and feeling of love association and loss are described in length.

An expert narrator was needed to describe the character of Edward fully because the biy is psychologically tense all the time. He is never free from the shackles of the sad memories that can never be removed from his mind. Cassandra Campbell tries to give her maximum in narration and has succeeded too.

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