Dear Wife

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Dear Wife is a psychological thriller that will amaze you to the maximum. It is artistically written by Kimberly Belle, where her storyline is nothing short of exceptional. The narration of this novel is a team effort between Vivienne Leheny, Pete Simonelli and Chris Andrew Ciulla.

Dear Wife is a riveting novel that have a lot of suspense related to a woman character, who is in her fight of survival. She is bound to decide that to what extent, she could go to escape and save the person who she loved once dearly.

Beth Murphy is in hiding with a new life, For almost a year, Beth was desperately planning for this day to happen. It was a day known to some people as Wednesday, but for Beth, it was a beginning of a new life. It was a life for her with a new name, new look and even a new place as well. She had given considerable thought to her new plan and if she misses out on one small thing, her violent husband will get hold of her.

Sabine Hardison goes missing, Some 200 miles away, Jeffrey reaches back home to know about the whereabouts of Sabine, his wife, who is missing. At whichever place Sabine is, she hasn’t taken anything with her. Her uninhibited car is the only clue that police has got so far and all other evidences leads to foul play.

Kimberly Belle is a maestro of fiction and mystery thrillers. There are plenty of books in the archives of Kimberly Belle to give you a good and a joyous literary ride. A couple of her most read or listened books are The Marriage Lie and Three Days Missing.




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    A Pledge of Silence

    The Marriage Lie


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