Death Masks

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Purely entertaining magical series looks the endless kind now, each mission has a flavor and the aroma does not mix with the next. Grave Peril and Summer Knight had only one thing common and that was the characters from both sides the rest was different and thus appealing to the mind. Here Harry is happy and contended with life for the first time but he has some doubts related to this upcoming happiness in his life. He never believed in superstitions in the past but now he has firm belief on them, with happiness in plenty Harry is keeping room for grief.

He waits for the sad song to play in the background because after happiness only tragedy can show its devilish face. A man from the Red Court thinks of Harry as the sole cause of fights in the land and thinks that everything between the paranormal creatures can be solved if Harry is erased from the world scenery.

Harry is in no mood of fighting but running away is not a good idea because he is needed by the police for an almost impossible case. He cannot leave the case given by the Chicago police because this is one way he earns money for his daily expenditures and leaving it means starving to death later.

Jim Butcher has set different levels in the novel that are narrated in different tones by James Marsters, on one level Harry’s life is at stake and on another his job is slipping. There is also a third level linked to his love life which is touched when Susan returns for another visit in his life.



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