Death World

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Although in the first chapter the people of the earth thought that they have devised a clever plan to stop the alien invasion i.e becoming their allies instead of stopping them but the trouble is not over. Not all the alien races want to make the people of the earth their allies because they have eyes set on the main prize.

Planet earth with all its resources could prove to be an excellent place to set your base and that is what the Death World has in mind. The strange specie of the alien race that came from the place they called Death World wants the planet and not the army or potential of the human soldiers. The strange thing is that the Death World has never been detected by the aliens even which means that the people are advanced in technology as well. B.V. Larson writes another master piece that comes to us in the familiar voice of Mark Boyett whose skills are beyond any doubt now.

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The story is a compact action packed book with tension always on the rise. McGill too leads his investigation to the stars because he is bound to know the truth and we don’t see him obeying order blindly that he was doing in Tech World and Armor World this soldier means business this time.

McGill is not worried about his honor or reputation he just wants to know the secrets of Cephalopod Kingdom and the extremity that appears to be rising among the aliens all over the galaxy. This novel also reveals several secrets about the core world that were not yet touched by the author up till now.


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