Deathfire The Horus Heresy, Book 32

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Vulkan died according to the surface world years ago but then we were told in Vulkan Lives that he survived but now the state in which he is in is worse than death. His own brother entrapped him in a horrible nightmare type of situation and he was tortured to extreme limits. Still he is there under Hera and his sons’ think that this whole thing is just a story that is created by his followers and it does not possess any solid grounds. Artellus Numeon once had no hope of survival and in this book he is saved by the Ultramarines and finally sees the world in which he used to live one the rank of a captain.

At this point he presents an idea that the Salamanders should return to their native land and there they can get the help of the famous Mount Deathfire. Nick Kyme gives to us another leader in the form of Numeon because he is not thinking of himself alone after getting freedom. He is rather thinking about the fate of the whole Legion of which he is a part.

The enemies have surely developed over the span of many years and they have improved their war machines, in such condition the Legion might not be able to bear the full fueled attack of the enemy.

Joining with the previous book about the Vulkan is done to perfection and Saul Reichlin’s voice needs a salute from the audience as well. Saul has not taken anything less serious in the novel and even the monologue type scenes have not lost their intensity and flavor.

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