Debt of Honor

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The ex-marine and former teacher has become a favorite in the FBI and the department does not want him to retire from it no matter what happens. John Ryan has fought for his nation long enough in different roles and now he has finally retired to spend some time with the family. Then one more call from the FBI, they want him back to help the president. The FBI doesn’t want some real action performed from the man now as he is much old for all that but his experience is unquestionable.

He can perfectly work as the National Security Advisor of his motherland. The nation has a new president and the one with less experience so he can use a man who is professional and loyal to his profession as well. Ryan is back and so is the problems which was there but at least it was not his worry anymore.

Tom Clancy has raised the rank of Ryan slowly in the series we have seen him working at different levels in The Sum of All Fears and Clear and Present Danger . Finally he gets the post not the one that he desired but the one that he truly deserved from the start of the career. He briefs the president in a marvelous way and can sense and predict different threats before they emerge on the scene.

In narration the series has been unlucky because it still fails to go with the same narrator and although they did great but the fans have not developed association with them. John MacDonald is the next pick in narration and he also has done his level best.


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