Deeper Than the Dead

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The intensity in Tami Hoag’s works really touches its peak as she starts this “Oak Knoll” series with the style that has made her famous all over the world. Selecting Kirsten Potter as the narrator of the novel is another good thing. This get along with a wonderful story of course that is not quite soothing but very engaging and thrilling at the same time.

Tami takes us back in 1984 where three children from the school find a dead body of a woman in a horrible state. The thing that we find common in The Boy and this novel is that the innocent of the town are under threat.

As this time they become witness of a crime scene. That takes away their innocence as well as the nightmare changes their lives once and for all. Anne Navarre the new and young teacher also takes this case personally. Because of the fact, leaving it unsolved would mean a continuous threat for the children who have witnessed it.

The other person on the job is the newly hired Tony Mendez who uses a different and unique method of investigation for the case and the investigation not only brings him close to the children but even closer to the young teacher who fails to let go of the case even when she tries to. The serial killer on the loose brings the whole community under threat especially when Anne and Tony get the hint that the killer is someone who is quite close to them all the time and he or she can thus keep an eye on their every move and can plan accordingly.

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