Defending Chloe


A romantic story with a spice of action in it is the strongest point of Susan Stoker. The writer starts the story with romance and pretty feelings of a woman who is in need of help but when she asks help from none other than Ronan Cross the story changes into an action movie all of a sudden as Ronan is not a man who could be threatened by Chloe’s brother who possesses connections in the underworld and it is because of the mob’s order that he wants her sister Chloe to sell her body for an endgame.

Chloe’s brother has been a flesh peddler for years but she never thought that he would do such a thing with his own sister. Thus she could think of nothing else rather than giving herself in the hands of a person who could protect her against the Denver Mafia and the Mountain Mercenaries.

Ronan though not the guy with connections in the police department and the link with gangs but still the association that Chloe makes with her force him to use the only and most important connection that he has with deadly teammates.Thus the story becomes a battle ground between two groups not only for a woman but also for dominance in the area where police possesses so little a control over the masses.

Just like in the books Rescuing Sadie (Delta Force Heroes, #7.5) – Susan Stoker and Rescuing Mary (Delta Force Heroes, Book 9) – Susan Stoker the unfolding of the story at certain levels is no doubt great as we are told at a later stage that it’s not only for Chloe that Ronan wants to face her brother there is also a hint of retribution in it as well. The narration blends well with the whole love, war scenario, the narrator Stella Bloom has taken her job seriously from the beginning till the end.





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