Deja Dead

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Dr. Temperance Brennan the Forensic specialist has remained ever too loyal to her profession; whether it is day time or night her assignments have been important to her. Kathy Reichs shows us the commitment of the doctor by telling us that she even left a marriage party for the sake of the new assignment that is allotted to her by the director of her department.

After completing that assignment she was planning to enjoy the weekend when her sixth sense stopped her because she smelled a crime. The uncovered burial ground always proves to be the right place to bury a crime, thus there it was a dead body neatly put in a bag before burial. Temp said good bye to the free weekend and starts investigating or inspecting the dead body. The more she analyzed the body the more she became curious because she was sure that this was not the first dead body she has seen in such a condition.

A serial killer is on the move that acts in this same pattern all the time and unless he is arrested by the police more such victims would be found buried here and there. Reminds us of A Conspiracy of Bones and Fatal Voyage that author wrote not very long ago.

We cannot miss the part of the narrator Barbara Rosenblat in the novel whose voice and style has decorated the murder mystery and made it easy for the fans to listen in a relax manner. The book becomes highly sensational towards the last three chapters but the sensation can only be felt if you listen to the previous chapters in sequence.

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