Demigods and Magicians

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Whoever knows about Greek gods and their children, knows exactly who Percy Jackson was and what was the thing that made him famous. Rick Riordan brings us back to the same era of the gods and tells us three stories in his own voice. Carter and Sadie in the first story come to New York from their world after they sense something strange in the human world.

While searching for clues about the happening that brought them there, the two meet Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. The boy and girl almost possess the same powers like that of Carter and Sadie, this means only one thing i.e they two are connected to Olympus in some way. But these two are not the trouble that the gods were looking for. Setne a sorcerer wants to gain immortality like the gods for which she can kill the rest of the gods without showing any mercy.

The powers of the gods are not ample this time and they take the help of the demigods to stop the sorcerer from fulfilling the deadly deed. The three stories almost progress on the same pattern but are quite interesting for the children who have interest in the myths. Listen to The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters if you are looking for more such stories in which gods and demigods work together.

This is better than other books with mythical stories because it is a three in one pack and the stories are not lengthy so that it would take the listener hours to end the book. You can also listen to the book in two breaks which would be lovely for the kids of the house.

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